Jesse Terblanche

Aspiring Fullstack Developer











I am a creative, hard-working and punctual individual. I am introverted, but have no problems with public speaking and presenting in public. My interest in technology comes from my love for games and my fascination with how the internet and programs work.

I love to learn new things and new skills and create platforms that are visually pleasing and user friendly. I am patient with my coworkers and always ready to provide assistance where needed.

  • Date Of Birth - 2000/12/08
  • Address - Weltevreden Valley
  • Languages - English
  • Cell Number - 079 172 8404
  • Email -
  • Criminal record - none
  • Driver's license - none





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Chapman High School


Matric: Bachelor's Pass Major subjects: English HL(83%); Afrikaans FAL(63%); Mathematics(58%); Physical Sciences(63%); Geography(85%); Life Sciences(84%) Placed top of grade in matric year

Zenex program


Extra lessons on English, Mathematics and Physical sciences from Grade 11 to Grade 12


Co-owner of backyard nursery


In charge of marketing/pricing products and communicating with customers. Left to study programming at Life Choices Academy

Life Choices Academy


Currently learning front-end and back-end programming


Sneaker Store

A website made with HTML and styled with CSS.
It is made to look like a sneaker selling online store.

Live Github


Lotto App

A lottery game app made with Python and Tkinter.
You can enter 3 sets of lotto numbers. The more matches you get, the bigger the prize.

Live Github


Sign In App

An academy register sign in app made with Python, Tkinter and Mysql
It is designed to allow user to sign in and out of the academy, and have the admin keep track of who is signed in and out.

Live Github


Point of Sale - Back-end

A point of sale backend made with Python and Flask.
A database where products can be added to an online marketplace. Users can register, add products, delete and edit products.

Live Github


Point of Sale - Front-end

A point of sale front-end made with HTML CSS and Javascript.
A website that uses the back-end database to display the products and user data of the point of sale. Users can register, add products, delete, edit products and add to cart.

Live Github

Full Stack

Comms Sns (Twitter Clone)

A social media site made with all languages above.
This social media site is based on Twitter. It includes functionality to register, edit user details and delete account, as well as the ability to create and comment on posts, like posts and follow other users.

Live Github
Image of Godwin

Godwin Dzvapatsva

Head of Curriculum and Learning

I can see that Jesse has many strengths as a student. I always love the effort he puts forth whenever he participates in class. It's a pleasure seeing Jesse learn as a student, and I hope he continues to work hard.

Thapelo Tsotetsi


Jesse is one of the best students at Lifechoices Coding Academy. He has great communication and intellectual skills. Jesse is able to learn new programming tools quickly. I highly recommend him a position where he gets to work on both the back-end and front-end.

Abdullah Isaacs


Jesse Terblanche is an extremely hard-working and creative web developer. Besides the fact that he's extremely good at coding, I feel that he's best trait is that he never shies away from helping any of his peers. I have no doubt that Jesse will be a successful web developer or animator one day.

Kiyaamodien Khan


Jesse is the definition of hard-working and is always there to lend a helping hand. I couldn't think of a more reliable friend, colleague or peer than him. His progress in his work is unrivaled and it reflects in his success.

Zoe Strachan


If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it."- Margaret Fuller. Jesse has often been described as a sensei and g.o.a.t by his peers and deservedly so, as he's always lending a helping hand whenever asked. Jesse is already a top achiever, but it's his willingness to share his knowledge that speaks to his character. He will be an invaluable asset wherever he decides to go next.